Backyard Birds Update
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Feeding good seed at this time of year is critical. We have heard that birds have really been eating. As winter is ending (yeah!) natural seed is scarce.  So help out the birds, and feed seeds, mixes, peanuts. suet, and fruit.

Don't forget the or out of the shell. I have really enjoyed my peanut feeders this season. There is no mess under the feeders and I get a great variety of birds!


Support Service Dogs
As you know we raise service dogs Canine Companions for Independence. Theodore III is our newest pup. Theo is a yellow Labrador retriever and he is #18. Brandt ll, a yellow lab/golden retriever mix was placed as an assistance dog the first of February.

There is a small dog house near the front of the store where you can donate to Canine Companions for Independence. They give their dogs FREE to those people qualifying for assistance dogs. 

You can also talk to Steve about CCI if you want more information about puppy raising, volunteering, or applying for a service dog.

Straw Bale Gardening Handout Available April 1st.
Learn how to garden anywhere in the sun. Just put out a straw bale and dig 
tomatoes and other veggies and watch them grow.

Order bales now for pick up at Backyard Birds.
317 255-7333.

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